Friday, June 2, 2017


All our tour packages are offered in collaboration with DharmaConnect, a leading travel provider in South India. At Dharma Connect, we believe in the wondrous magic of a journey: The sights and sounds, the taste and feel, the myriad revelations that await the traveler. 
We are enthused by the idea of sharing the joy, the beauty and the magnificence that is India and, in this enthusiasm, is rooted a special unit that welcomes you to the heart of South India. Organizing your travel is only part of what we do; at Dharma Connect, we welcome you to our home – we are proud to transform your South India journey into incomparable experiences with happy moments. 
The itineraries given are not fixed departure tours; you determine your travel dates. However itinerary dates will need to take into account holidays for monuments. National parks may be closed throughout the monsoon.